So… Who is Martina Trillini?

Hi! Hola! Ciao! Bonjour!

I’m gonna start introducing myself by being 100% honest: I’ve been staring at this screen for the past two hours, searching for the right words to write. But there isn’t such thing, is there?  I’m not new at this ‘blogger’ thing, I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager! (I kind of sucked at the time, but let’s not get there, not yet, not today.)

You already know the basics… My name is Martina Trillini, I’m a 21 years old fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger (mostly fashion) who lives in Spain and has the most beautiful dog in the world.

If there’s ONE thing I know is that I love fashion, I love being able to express myself without saying a word. My fashion journey started 2 years ago, in Manhattan, New York…

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