REVIEW | SKINTOX Detox bath salts + MASKS

REVIEW | SKINTOX Detox bath salts + MASKS

Hello guys! I’m sorry I haven’t post in such a long time, I was taking my time to write this post. Today I’m posting my first review ever and I wanted to make sure it was perfect.

One of my favorite things to do is take care of my skin and I take skincare very serious, specially now that days are cold and short. To me, winter only means one thing: dry skin. That’s why I’ve decided to talk about ‘SKINTOX’, an Australian skin-care brand (that seriously has one of the most amazing and fabulous skincare products ever and they DON’T test on animals!).

I’m going to review their ‘5 DAY PROGRAM FACE MASKS’, and the ‘SKINTOX Detox bath salts’. I’m really excited to tell you all about these products.

It’s important to clarify that my skin is extremely dry and since I wanted to make this a real review I told Javier (my .s.o.) to try all these products with me. He has oily skin.

SKINTOX Detox bath salts


I’m going to start talking about the gorgeous salt bath. First of all, HAVE YOU SEEN THE PACKAGE? Rose gold + marble? Looks like my perfect dream. I’m seriously obsessed with how cute this package is! The first I noticed when I opened the salt baths for the first time was the smell… It has a lavender and lemongrass smell and I simply love it. The Detox Bath Salts are perfect for draw out impurities (detoxing your skin) from the outside in and relaxing, I always use these after a long day of work, when I need to close my eyes and enjoy the moment. Even my.s.o uses them when he needs to relax!

A little secret? These are amazing for a date night as well ;). When we don’t feel like going out we just light up some candles, put some romantic music and enjoy the smell and the feeling of the Detox Bath Salts.

You can buy the amazing Detox Bath Salts here




So, as indicated, the first mask I tried was the GREEN TEA. Once again, the smell… it makes me want to drink it instead of wearing it! This face mask is amazing. It instantly leaves your skin feeling revitalized, really softened and extra fresh!

BENEFITS OF THE GREEAN TEA MASK: Soft, revitalized, glowing and smooth skin!



After one day I already could feel my skin different. The second day was the day of the collagen mask and I’m gonna be honest, I’ve tried plenty of collagen masks before and I wasn’t sure if they were for my type of skin, but then I tired this collagen mask and it made my skin feel extra hydrated and moisturized. It also contains herbal extracts.

BENEFITS OF THE COLLAGEN MASK: Moisturized, hydrated and youthful looking skin.



That day I woke up, outside was freezing and my skin was dry. The first thing I did, after drinking my cup of coffee was taking a shower and then wearing the Dead Sea Mask. This has to be my favorite of them all.

If you love feeling your skin smooth then this is definitely your mask. Immediately after wearing it I could feel the act of the deep sea minerals softening my skin, I’m obsessed.

BENEFITS OF THE DEAD SEA MASK: Nourishing and refreshing.



On the 4th day of the SKINTOX detox I started to feel and see my skin different, healthier. The next step was the coffee mask. It was my first time wearing one, and I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to try one! You can feel the extra boost of moisture. How amazing is that? This mask makes my skin super pretty.

BENEFITS: Moisturizing antioxidant boost.



The last day of my skin detox with Skintox came to an end with this mask. We all know the amazing and healthy benefits of cucumber and aloe on our skins! This mask leaves your skin glowing and refreshed, it’s the perfect way to end your detox program.

BENEFITS: Calming and smoothing.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve tried pretty much everything to achieve a soft and hydrated skin and that’s why I love these masks so much, after 15 minutes of wearing it and massaging my skin I can feel the extra boost of moisture! I’ve never found a mask or product that can do that- this is amazing! The Skintox 5 DAY MASKS PROGRAM are exactly what I’ve been looking for… face masks designed to leave your skin glowing, hydrated, soothing.

Javier is really happy with the results too, we can assure you these products work on every type of skin.

If you want to take care of your skin (and you should!) this is the perfect way to start. You can buy the face masks here.


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  1. I love it. This is such an amazing review that I would try it if I had not done it already. Keep it up my love, you are beyond belief.

  2. This is what I call a review! Amazingly displayed! I would definitely try them out, now that I know for sure that it works for every type of skin!

    Please keep more reviews coming!



  3. i really like this review!!! it sounds good, I would love to tried it. You know how my skin is!!

    P.D: I would love if you upload Javier’s pictures wearing the mask!! jajaja

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